Tims take on Boscombe pier

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Well this is one of my takes on Boscombe Pier for those who follow my photoblog here in Bournemouth what is yours?

It slightly different I know but i thought of trying a new style of processing and layer filters. Do you notice anything strange?

Just in case you were wondering why I have not been putting so much up recently is because I am currently in the middle of writing my dissertation for my university course and need to really focus and sadly this does take up a bit of time what with commenting on all your wonderful photos. So please forgive me and know that i do really appreciate your comments and will try my best to comment back.


No. C 21

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I seem to be on quite a roll with this style of imagery. I think that its important to stick with a current trend or theme for a while.

What do people say about the change of tone through he depth of field which is the way it blurs to the left of the photo?

I am doing a little competition on twitter for the 21st commenter they shall get their very own high rez version of this emailed perfect for desktops. If you refer some one and they say in their comment it was you then you too will get one. So spread the love and RT this.

A hole in the wall

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A cool shot that i took whilst watching my bro doing some horse riding it was at this cool old show ground and the buildings were pretty retro. There will be more so keep checking back every so often.
This is simple an overlay effect with a slight Gaussian blur and booted levels. A few more tweaks but that’s how i did it.
Do you like the processing and the texture?

S macro

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Same as ttaT This image was taken with the revers lens trick effect. This is basically taking the camera lens off your SLR and turning it upside down.. then you have to focus by moving the lens and keeping it steady for the shot. Its often a hit or miss shot but when it works its beautiful as you can see the above image is just of some text on a piece of paper that you can even see the pixels of the ink jet..
I left it blue as thats how it came out just changed the levels to the right exposure..