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Lesson planning

Preparing for Block 1 Placement

By PGCENo Comments

Lots and lots of lesson plans

On wednesday this week i will be going into school constantly for the next 7 weeks. I have been planning out all of my lessons that i will be taking over the next few weeks and starting by doing a short term lesson plan over the 7 weeks and then the detailed lessons plans. At the moment it is taking me quite a while for me to plan each lesson as i am going into so much detail. I was told by my tutor to start of really specific and detailed so that is what i am doing…

I must admit it is not all that fun planning out lessons but it is really rewarding when you have finished each lesson plan and you feel like you know exactely what you are going to be teaching for that lesson.

I am finding that resourcing each lesson is quite time comsuming especially if you have to do powerpoint slides. But i have found that if you have the lesson planned in text then it is quite easy to j

ust paste across your points. Its just a matter of making it look good. I have used some free yet good looking templates that came on my mac.

Hopefully i am going to be able to get my plans for the next 2 weeks done before school starts then i will have a good framework to build on and i can then really start to be a bit more concise.