Bits and Bobs – SD Seminar Week 9

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Today we are having a looking at a series of bits and bobs.

We are going to look at a series of gadgets that will help us in our teaching that are fun and practical. Things like web cams, and microphones, Control devices like the Bee-bot using,

Death by PowerPoint

We watched this video that was really funny

Automated response units are a a good way to get feed back from the kids in a voting fashion.

Block poster  is a great tool to make a large posters


Audacity is a great free audio capture program http://audacity.sourceforge.net/

Posterous is a free online podcasting application


have a listen to our pod cast that we have uploaded to posterous


Cue prompter is a great website for doing a scrolling auto cue prompter and its free


We have been given loads of great links from Andy my tutor.

For the audacity part we used a large condensor mic that has a usb port and we used that to record out sound. We then used audacity to record all the tracks.

We had to just plan out our script and let it role on the script prompter above.

Once we had all the tracks sorted we put them into one linear time line normalized the volume and used a few fun effects to change the pitch and speed of the voices.

Its was great fun today and really enjoyed working in a team and collaboratively.