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Work Experience/Placement at InSkin Media.

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Well i have officially been at InSkin Media for about 2 weeks now…it has completely shot by…

This is a short quote about what its all about…

What is InSkin?
InSkin is a patent pending ad delivery format that can be used by any publisher to effectively monetise online video in a way that is not susceptible to consumer blindness. The InSkin ad delivery format is rapidly becoming the new standard in online video advertising.

Basically its a really cool flash  ad platform that allows advertising that actually works whilst people view videos or even photos.

check out the ad below…

Patrick Knight is the CEO and is a great person to learn from and amazingly has time to even chat on MSN with me (About Work related issues ofcourse) But yeah its a great atmosphere and interesting how things are pulled together from all over the world.

I have been working on making the creatives and designs for the adverts. These are used two fold.

  1. For wining clients and advertisers that would benefit from the InSkin.
  2. The final ads that will either be served using their ad server or on the companies ad server.

Sadly i cant show you what i have done just yet as its strictly confidential until the campaign is launched.

I have also been creating a new bussiness card for them and have come up with a really simple but effective final design… just have to get it sent of to the printers…. look at the specific blog post for more details…

i will not make this too long but so far it has been really great and good experience.

check out the ad and their site that i am hopefully going to redesign.