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Like or do photography and are on

twitter then post a link here..

ill start

I am a keen twitter user with a love and passion for photography. So I thought this could be a great place to get people talking about being on twitter and enjoying photogrpahy for what its meant to be.

I have been looking arround the twinternet and so far i have not found any sites that list or archive good photographers or good photographic content.

So what i am proposing is this…

  1. Get on twitter if your not already
  2. Post a link here to your twitter account…..
  3. Enjoy posting links and tweets to one another

But no seriously here are some tips…

Twitpic seems to be the place to be for small time tacky photos online but why not ad some top notch stuff onto there…

Integrate you photoblog with a twitter plugin like Twitter Tools This will mean that every time you make a new blog post it will update twitter..

Post links using the link shorteners like tinyurl or

RT, which means re tweet, other peoples tweets that you like and if photography is your thing then why not start now and join in..

Go for it…

Dont forget to post your twitter

link in the comments.. cheers