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What CMS Should i use?

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I am pretty stuck at the moment as i am looking to at how to do content management for my website as coding something from scratch is not my strength at all.. 

So i have had a look at a few open source options such as Joomla, CMS made simple, Expression Engine (Not quite open source though) and PHP Nuke. These are just a few that i have found but i have not actually instaled any of them on my my server as i want to try and get a good one to start with then work with that…. as i am not one to just start of with something that will waste my time… 

So if any one could shed some light on some that can help me

  • Manage Comments and Post to a Database.
  • Upload video, images, and various content. 
  • submit contact forms.
  • Generally edit areas of web pages… 
I am just curious how this intergrates with my current websites and how i tell it to edit say my resume page or my about me tab… i am assume i have to ad the corresponding so that i allows the user to edit that. 
I also realised that in my research that Wordpress can actually do all of this… how could i integrate the lush wordpres CMS with areas of my website. 
Sorry that all of this sounds really easy and basic but i would really appreciate some help on this matter.