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October 2010

Preparing for Block 1 Placement

By PGCENo Comments

Lots and lots of lesson plans

On wednesday this week i will be going into school constantly for the next 7 weeks. I have been planning out all of my lessons that i will be taking over the next few weeks and starting by doing a short term lesson plan over the 7 weeks and then the detailed lessons plans. At the moment it is taking me quite a while for me to plan each lesson as i am going into so much detail. I was told by my tutor to start of really specific and detailed so that is what i am doing…

I must admit it is not all that fun planning out lessons but it is really rewarding when you have finished each lesson plan and you feel like you know exactely what you are going to be teaching for that lesson.

I am finding that resourcing each lesson is quite time comsuming especially if you have to do powerpoint slides. But i have found that if you have the lesson planned in text then it is quite easy to j

ust paste across your points. Its just a matter of making it look good. I have used some free yet good looking templates that came on my mac.

Hopefully i am going to be able to get my plans for the next 2 weeks done before school starts then i will have a good framework to build on and i can then really start to be a bit more concise.

Behaviour managment

By POT 1One Comment

Here at my home school they use quite an interesting behaviour management strategy.

Pupils are given a simple single warning if behaviour is disrupting the class from learning or disagreeing with the school rules. At this point the pupils has to give me their contact book and I have to write a time out warning In the book. Then if the pupils then re offends in a way that I deem to be to far I then have to fill in a time out slip and send the pupils to timeout.

For matters such as bullying, racial harassment and abuse to other pupils these have to be dealt with more swiftly and usually these are then quickly escalated to the one of the deputy heads who is head of pastoral.

The best way to deal with these incidents is to just have a simple black and white policy and make it clear what the expectations are but TO MAKE SURE YOU FOLLOW THROUGH WITH THE sanction once you give the warning.

One of the biggest issues is when trainees issue a sanction but don’t actually follow through on it.

Child protection training

By PGCENo Comments

As part of my induction into my home school I was required to do a child protection course. This was a 2 hour session taken by the child protection officer. The point of this course was to make sure that the school had issued its statutory training in this area before actually allowing us to teach. We also needed to have this training in order to protect ourselves if there ever was an incident.

The main points where as follows:

  • Look out for any abnormal behaviour or signs that a pupil is being mistreated either at home or at school. These can be visual for example the face. It is important to realise some of these could just be due to children being clumsy
  • Do not offer confidentially say you have to pass on this information.

It’s all go – PGCE Start

By PGCE4 Comments

This year I am doing a PGCE which is the training i need to become an official Teacher. It was inspired by my desire to want to work with young people and give something back to help them positively in these important years of their lives.

So far so good really. I have been on the course for about 5 weeks now and it has been pretty bussy and loads to learn but thankfully i have not felt too overwhelmed.

I have really enjoyed getting to know my fellow pgce students both on my course and with me at my home school and I feel that we are able to really help each other out with areas of subject knowledge and general support.

I have a great school that i have been placed in with really ICT good facilities. The have 7 great ICT suits and all the computers are current and up to date as far as hardware is concerned. (for child protection reasons i am going to keep it anonymous). The only aspect I am disappointed with is the lack of current and up to date software packages namely the Adobe CS suite.

So far I have been able to teach two lessons in school which was great fun. The first was a how to use Macromedia Fireworks lesson on photo editing and manipulation. This was for iMedia a new course that is, in my opinion, a brilliant course as its really current, relevant and up to date stuff that the pupils are learning. It has modules which focus on Digital Graphics, Web Authoring , Digital Animation…

All in all Im really happy and looking forward to getting stuck into some proper teaching after half term.