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Behaviour managment

By 31/10/2010POT 1

Here at my home school they use quite an interesting behaviour management strategy.

Pupils are given a simple single warning if behaviour is disrupting the class from learning or disagreeing with the school rules. At this point the pupils has to give me their contact book and I have to write a time out warning In the book. Then if the pupils then re offends in a way that I deem to be to far I then have to fill in a time out slip and send the pupils to timeout.

For matters such as bullying, racial harassment and abuse to other pupils these have to be dealt with more swiftly and usually these are then quickly escalated to the one of the deputy heads who is head of pastoral.

The best way to deal with these incidents is to just have a simple black and white policy and make it clear what the expectations are but TO MAKE SURE YOU FOLLOW THROUGH WITH THE sanction once you give the warning.

One of the biggest issues is when trainees issue a sanction but don’t actually follow through on it.

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