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Nairobi Light House Church Missions Conference 09

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Proclaiming reversal – Changing our World

Wow what can I say – it was a tremendous week in-fact a life-changing week. I can’t begin to tell you how fired up to do missions right at the moment. It is amazing how when the anointing of the Lord is upon preachers they can really motivate you to step out of your comfort zone.

It all kicked off on Wednesday and went right throughout to Sunday with a great “MiChombs” BBQ on the Saturday. Its so great to just be immersed in the word of God and praising him with thousands of others.

Without repeating myself too much I’d like to put in the Links to the NLC Site as they have done a great job at documenting each day of the conference.

PLEASE PLEASE do open one and read/listen to it  and even better all.

Its All about Others – MP3 DOWNLOAD HERE


The Journey of a Dreamer – MP3 DOWNLOAD HERE


Stretch Forth Your Right Hand – MP3 DOWNLOAD HERE

We Care – We Share – We Dare – MP3 DOWNLOAD HERE

Here are a few points that really struck home with me.

The 3 points from Pastor Jack Hanes were powerfull

  1. We Care
  2. We Share
  3. We Dare

Those three words really spoke to me as they highlited the importance of caring an sharing with one another and also the importance of stepping out in faith.

Please have a look at my notes on the We Care We Share We Dare sermon with Reference to Acts 17: 1-8

Picture 1Picture 1

We Care – We Share – We Dare – MP3 DOWNLOAD HERE

General William booth sent a telegram. 1word

The master key to the greatest life on this plannet


We have to focus our life on others.

Pastor Jack Hanes

This tied in so well with the other sermon that was just entitled “Others”. This was such a challenge to me as I find that its so easy to talk about myself to others and not even ask how someone else is. I also was challenged to not be so self orientated when it came to social networking specifically the web side of my life. Its so easy to become almost Narcissistic with the way I update things that are just about me! I also feel to be more out going with things on Facebook; I know this is silly but just asking how someone is and how they are getting on either on their Wall or either by email can make all the difference. One of the videos we watched was really challenging all about our self consumed society. Pastor Jack said you could almost be guaranteed a best seller if you out self on the front of a book! It is a great challenge to society currently as really its so easy to focused on ones self you just have to look at the magazines and shows like Big Brother and you will see how its all about me. I challenge  you if you have read this today to ask every single person, who you encounter, how they are and what is happening in there life. Lets be more outward focused.

Jesus came for others. Sending his Son to die on the Cross for our sins.  Mark 10 –  even the God man came for others.

We must be walking in the same footsteps of Christ and be looking how we can give up our lives for others. Philipians 2.5 who can I die for today.

Here are my notes on the “Others” sermon.

Picture 8Picture 9

Its All about Others – MP3 DOWNLOAD HERE

There was a great challenge to sacrifice. By this it was referring to the 1 Kings 18  scripture – and how that the way that we received the fire of God was by sacrificing something. What is your Sacrifice?


There were a few other sermons that I took notes on. One was the challenge of Dreaming an having a dream but also even more important how we can make some one else’s dream happen. This was by Paster Alfie.

Picture 3Picture 5

One of the things that was so amazing about this conference of how it is so important to recognise people and thank them and “love on them”. Pastor Tom Messer was so kind and gave some amazing words on stretching forth our right hand and stepping out. And how by this time tomorrow our lives will be changed – this is a real prophetic word as things must and will change in our lives – whether tomorrow – whether next week – whether next month but we must believe that things will change.

If you always do what you have do you will always be what you have done. Pastor Tom Messar

Stretch Forth Your Right Hand – MP3 DOWNLOAD HERE

All in all it was such a boost and truly life changing.

What Has Challenged you by reading this blog post?

Please do look at some of the Pictures bellow and CLICK on the picture to view the slideshow.