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Ringwood Forest Photo Series Black and White Theme

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I have just come to the end of a photo series of Ringwood Forest over on my photoblog.

Please take a look on Photonoy for the true experience.

Its a series of 6 photos that i took whilst on a shoot for a uni project. They are all black and white and display a range of was to take photos in a forest and then how you can using different post production techniques to enhance and create a mood and feeling.

Below are a few thumbnails of the images… these can be viewed in a pop up lightbox gallery but do visit Photonomy for the real deal.

Please do check the out and leave lots of comments… its been a while since a had some…


Beauty is not always clear. Which one.

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I have been working on a few images this evening from my holiday in diani. This is one image that many would maybe discard… but i figured i would give it a chance…
Here’s the original.. as i took it…. coming to look at it again i do actually like it how it is but i did some editing and tweaking…


Below is what i came up with first time round… its a desaturated with the hue changed to make it look more like moon light… there is also a layer blend going on here that makes it a bit softer..


After a wee bit i decided to go for a cropped down version of the images and then really wanted to make things look really pixelate and soft… the bottom one here is the one i have put on my photo blog…
I think that it works best as it compliments her physic a wee bit more…

Just a bit to harsh but the colours are nice…

So a few questions…. 1) which one do people like?? 2) what effect works best?? 3) who do you think it is??
Please take the time to comment… i would really appreciate it.

New Photo Blog

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Hey every one i have just set up a new photoblog as i was inspired by’s theme Monotone

It is a really cool theme that 

Monotone takes the first image attached to a post and samples colors from it for use in the surrounding layout. 

Basically it is like a cool little photo blog that is like a Chameleon and adapts to each photo and puts the sole focus on the image in the post. not more rubbish tiny images that are not framed right. 

As you can see it beautifully chooses the most dominant colour theme in the Photo 

Really nice interface… simple and powerful

I must say now i take my hat of to Noel Jackson director of Eight 6 for developing this cool theme and also for the help that he gave me. He was kind enough to sift through my feeble attempts to fix a .htaccess issue and rename and re point to the right directory as it was in a sub folder. Basically the .htaccess file and the  thumb.php are important and need to be set up right if not using it in a stand alone directory. 

It would be great to hear some feed back about peoples photo blogs and what ones they like using???

Please let me know what you think of mine and my images??

Thanks again Noel