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Teaching Logicator to Lower Ability Pupils.

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In this lesson i was really trying to make personalized provision for SEN Pupils

What went well.

  • most pupils where able to have a sub system created for a pelican flow chart so the objectives where completed
  • pupils learnt more about how to create flow charts and see the effect of this in action
  • I was able to give them a solution to work of in order to aid the less able ones with their working

What could have been done better.

  • I would hav liked to prepare a flow chart without the do procedure so that pupils could see why it is a good idea to use procedures to save time and energy
  • I still need to work on chunking this up for the lesser able pupils even further
  • I made good preparation for the the TA so that they knew what to do and what to help with this lesson

All in all i really was needing to make sure that each step was explained verry carefully i found that if pupils did not understand it i needed to be gentle with them and not get frustrated. I also found that the Use of a helper was really important in the management of the lesser able pupils. It was important that the squeaky wheels did not get all the grease from me.

For the 4 pupils that did not create the flow chart completely I issued a lunch time detention that I later had to sell as a session to help them improve their learning and to get them caught up to speed with the rest of the class. It was a fine line for some of the pupils who where taking advantage of their and not putting in the effort needed. It was good tho to get them all up to scratch as this really help these SEN pupils progress.

What i really learnt from this lesson is that it is incredibly important to keep the lower ability pupils self esteem up and not get frustrated with them but not to allow them to just use it as an excuse.

I also have had to follow up on a SEN pupils progress with the tutor and ask them to please back me in the importance to get work completed during the lesson. This pupil needs to be constantly watch as there are some social, home and behavioural issues that are affecting his work progress. It has been a good start to get the tutor involved.

Please see Email Evidence to support this.Q18 Email Evidence of supporting a pupil

Year 7 Photoshop lesson 3

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Class Year 7

What we did? please see lesson plan.

Our main focus this week was to use the clone stamp tool to clone away a ball from a sports image.

We used two techniques the clone stamp tool and just simple copying the surrounding texture and pasting it over the ball.

We also looked at how to insert text into an image.

What went well?

The delivery at the beginning varied slightly but I was able to show them various tools as a recap that helped re enforce their prior learning

They were on task getting on at a rapid pace. I had to make sure they had completed each section before they moved on

I managed the questioning well and tried to use a series of visual demonstration using my hands.

After a bit of feedback from my mentor I used an acetate and solid colour paper to explain how layers can allow you to edit across a multiple layers to preserve the file.

I was able to get the pupils up the front and play the spot the ball game to be actively involved with reviewing and assessing the pupils work.

The pupils enjoyed searching for their own images on the internet and it was a good motivator to get through the controlled given images.

What could have been done better?

I found that i needed to keep things going fast as i had the pupils up at the front for a bit to long and the demonstration can go in one ear and out the other ear.

I found that depending on the time of day the pupils are more or less responsive so I need to have reaslistic targets for the different classes i teacher at different times of the day.

I feel that sometimes in my behaviour management i try and justify everything i say and reason with the pupils but this does not have the greatest effect.

All in all another good series of lessons. I was pleased with the response with the work that was created.