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Year 11 Tutoring

By PGCE, POT 2One Comment

This term I have been helping out with tutoring year 11 pupils. Initially I was quite apprehensive about this as I was concerned about the attitude and behaviour that they might have. I was also warned to go in quite firm and tough and not to be a walk over. It was an interesting start as they were quite loud and boisterous but once asked to be quiet they did respond. I was impressed with how they were when asked co-operative and there was not a large amount of back chat.  

My main duties where to take the register on the Sims system. I had to make sure that if anyone was late could not mark them in. I was also advised to ask them to wait by the door if they arrived after I had started the register.

My other duties where to take some PSHE sessions on some of sort of personal social or health related theme. I took three of these one was to working on team building and in this one we did lots of team related games such as making letters with human bodies and also the one where you have to all stand up by linking arms and pushing together the final one was to all sit on each other’s laps in a circle. They really enjoyed these games and it was a good chance to include everyone and help build the pupils that where less confident. I also told some bible related stories on Daniel in the lion’s den and and the parable of the good samriton and used the morals of these stories to try and encourage the pupils to do the same. My main message was a Christian message but i was aware that there were multiple faiths present which I had to be sensitive to.

There were a few sessions on sex educations that I sat in on and it was interesting to see how the govermant are pushing for more and more “safe sex” and to make young people aware of all of the STI’s and D’s out there. I thought that the no sex before marriage was a point that was not included or promoted enough as ultimately that is the safest way to ensure that these things don’t happen.

During tutors we had to make sure their journals where signed and passed off and that they were not defacing them.

We also had to issue warnings and checks for pupils that where miss behaving according to the school policy of red referrals those pupils can receive.

There where few issues with social problems that the pupils where having and these we had to deal with in to most appropriate manner and refer what ever we needed to onto child protection oficers this including a few personal circumstance issues.

I was also able to reprimand and tell them to correct their uniform. This was to maintain the high standards and expectations in the pupils of the school.

It was great to get alongside the pupils and build a good appropriate relationship and I feel I was able to add a fresh, fun and creative approach to the form. The pupils where able to develop in the time i was with them and it was a good opportunity to see how they progressed in other areas not just the academic side of their life.

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Teachers statutory framework and professional duties

By PGCENo Comments

It is clear from the teachers pay and conditions documents 2010 found here

that there are a series of bandings that teachers can be paid with the basic NQT starting at £21558  per annum. When you start working at a school it is a good idea to get a document such as to have this pray scale secured. Also have a look at this article which explains teachers pay quite well. Independent school can sometimes pay above this rate they can also pay below this and offer housing to some staff.

As well as this teaching commitment teachers are have certain duties that they are required to do one of which is tutoring pupils and making sure they register on time. Teachers also have to do duties such as seeing of pupils on the bus after school there are also break time and lunch time duties that teachers can opt into but these are not demanded of them as they need their lunch break.

Child protection training

By PGCENo Comments

As part of my induction into my home school I was required to do a child protection course. This was a 2 hour session taken by the child protection officer. The point of this course was to make sure that the school had issued its statutory training in this area before actually allowing us to teach. We also needed to have this training in order to protect ourselves if there ever was an incident.

The main points where as follows:

  • Look out for any abnormal behaviour or signs that a pupil is being mistreated either at home or at school. These can be visual for example the face. It is important to realise some of these could just be due to children being clumsy
  • Do not offer confidentially say you have to pass on this information.