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Teachers statutory framework and professional duties

By 11/02/2011PGCE

It is clear from the teachers pay and conditions documents 2010 found here

that there are a series of bandings that teachers can be paid with the basic NQT starting at £21558  per annum. When you start working at a school it is a good idea to get a document such as to have this pray scale secured. Also have a look at this article which explains teachers pay quite well. Independent school can sometimes pay above this rate they can also pay below this and offer housing to some staff.

As well as this teaching commitment teachers are have certain duties that they are required to do one of which is tutoring pupils and making sure they register on time. Teachers also have to do duties such as seeing of pupils on the bus after school there are also break time and lunch time duties that teachers can opt into but these are not demanded of them as they need their lunch break.

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