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May 2010

Rough Red Roads

By LandscapeOne Comment

There is a great shortcut to Diani along Mombassa road and if you take a right near Samburu and then go through Shimba Hills you will get down near Tiwi beach. Anyway this was taken enroute. It is a stunning drive and the roads are pretty good to be honest.

Top image and photo websites including online editing

By MeOne Comment

Lots of people will know these websites but these seem to be some of the best  and most commonly used websites.

Google Image Search

I really like googles new filtering tab on the left as this makes it much easier to taylor your search. The colour filter is particularly clever.


Flickr is by far one of the best if not the best image sharing website on the web today. Flickr has got millions of photos and the best thing is that some are creative commons share as you like meaning you dont have to have special permission to use them.  The search could be a bit better I think though.

Corbis images

This is one that i just found recently. I really love the user interface and the way that it makes it easy for you to view the images. It is a stock photo website just to let you know.

There are loads of other great sites and you can have a look at this post here that has even more links to cool photo search engine sites.

15 Best Image Search Engines to Find Photos Online

The last thing i want to leave you with is a cool online photo editing website that I found.


This is a great site that is free and easy to use. You dont neet to even create an account it just works.  You can edit photos and make them look really cool and funky or just touch them up to improve the way they look