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A bible study Luke 11 – 14-27

Jesus knows out thoughts full stop we can’t hide them and we can’t pretend or hide from God. So when Jesus healed the mute man there where still some that opposed him. He knew what they where thinking.

If any kingdom is divided against itself it will be ruined, and a house divided against itself will fail.

If we are in dispute or fighting one another there is no way there will be forward ground made for the kingdom of God. Families also need to be in unity otherwise they will fail. Truth!

Satan is not against Satan there is no such thing as good and bad evil verse 18 sort of states that it’s quite clear that evil does not cast out evil. I have a question? In light of this passage how does the books of Harry Potter stand against this line of theology. I don’t think it can how can white magic cast out black magic? Surely according to the scripture it is one and the same.

He who is not with me is against me, and he who does not gather with me, scatters. V 23

What does it mean to Gather with Jesus?

I believe the amplified explains this well.

He who is not with Me [siding and believing with Me] is
against Me, and he who does not gather with Me [engage in My interest],
scatters. (Luke 11:23 AMP)

We need to engage with Gods interests. I ask you what are these interests? Souls for Christ. Healing the sick. Loving people unconditionally. Helping others particularly the oppressed, orphaned, homeless and widowed!

We need to get close to Christ to see his face and to get inline with what’s on his heart. I encourage for you to ask God what is on YOUR heart and help me to align my heart to yours.

Jesus finishes with a response to a lady who identifies Mary, Jesus’s mother and says she should be blessed for having and bringing up Jesus. Strangely Jesus gives a response that is an interesting perspective.

But He said, Blessed (happy and to be envied) rather are
those who hear the Word of God and obey and practice
it! (Luke 11:28 AMP)

So we have heard the Word today we have to consciously choose to follow it!


Year 8 The Apprentice Project Lesson 1

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What we did & Learning objectives!

To learn how to do some market research into different products relating to your one.

To learn what a good logo looks likes and begin designing their logo in fireworks.

What went well?

Students responded well to my levels of classroom discipline when I asked them to be quiet.

I was able to set a good homework on finishing their logo design

Students Learning 

The use of getting pupils to design their own logo for their product worked well when I asked them to designing the logo on paper before designing it on screen.

Students learnt how it was good to use simple text based design to create their logo. The use of some good logos on the internet from current devices grabbed them.

What could have been done better and what will I do about it?

I was a bit under prepared at the start of the lesson as my objectives where not up. Next time I need to get a clear start to the lesson with the objectives and know a bit more definitely what I am going to do with them. It was also apparent that I did not have my presentation on my memory stick so I really need to get a good snyc application set up with my memory stick as it is really frustrating.

Students Learning 

I did not finish well with a plenary for the pupils. This needs to be planned better.


I feel this was an ok lesson but i will need to re assert myself with these areas.

Please use this link to view my full lesson plan >>



Top image and photo websites including online editing

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Lots of people will know these websites but these seem to be some of the best  and most commonly used websites.

Google Image Search

I really like googles new filtering tab on the left as this makes it much easier to taylor your search. The colour filter is particularly clever.


Flickr is by far one of the best if not the best image sharing website on the web today. Flickr has got millions of photos and the best thing is that some are creative commons share as you like meaning you dont have to have special permission to use them.  The search could be a bit better I think though.

Corbis images

This is one that i just found recently. I really love the user interface and the way that it makes it easy for you to view the images. It is a stock photo website just to let you know.

There are loads of other great sites and you can have a look at this post here that has even more links to cool photo search engine sites.

15 Best Image Search Engines to Find Photos Online

The last thing i want to leave you with is a cool online photo editing website that I found.


This is a great site that is free and easy to use. You dont neet to even create an account it just works.  You can edit photos and make them look really cool and funky or just touch them up to improve the way they look

Joe Frazier a Legend Boxer

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I have just finished watching what was one the best documentaries i have ever seen. It was called Thilla in Manila on More4.

Joe Frazier takes British filmmaker, John Dower, back to the most hyped boxing match in history.

It was amazing to see the truth behind how brutal and racial ALI was against Joe and in my eyes it wasn’t just a hype before the game but actually something quite evil and sinister. I mean what can draw a man to be so harsh and un just towards another man.

Joe Frazier even helped out Ali when he lost his license and even gave him money.

Maybe the documentary was quite biased but I just cant see how Ali can be hailed such a great sportsman when he was so terrible to one of his components.

An in the final match between them i was hoping Joe would have one but sadly it was called off and Ali won by default.. It was interesting the shortly after that Ali collapsed and who knows but maybe he would have lost as Joe Frasier wanted to carry on. The problem was he couldn’t see as he had lost his sight in one eye and the other was closing up

Here’s a great video of Joe Frazier

The final interesting thing is how Ali is now so wealthy through selling posters and endorsements and Joe is living in the back room of his Gym that he owns in Philadelphia. It just shows how the media plays a huge part in the wealth of someone. But ultimately what has it lead to?

Thinking of what whilst flying?

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Well if you are reading this you have manage to catch me whilst I’m over the English channel on our decent to London Heathrow. I’m sitting just behind the engines and they have been roaring a sollom song the who journey.

It’s been a good flight and I have managed to get some sleep I did try and sleep on the floore for a bit but that was interupted quite suddenly as it was not permitted on flights.

I write with a sense of anticipation for this new year as it’s is only about 5 months until I an finished all it formal education. Before I can get to excited I have to complete a 100000 word dissertation and complete my spots Kenya project.

The plan is to work hard now on the dissertation an get a good chunk done. Whilst working at least 2 days a week on spots Kenya.

It’s probably going to be a rather hectic few months but God willing I can and I will make it.

I was in church and the pastor was speaking on being expectant an having a expectancy for what the Lord wants to do and has planned for us. It was bassed on Isaiah 30 v 18. It is just really important to have a hope and aim and I am praying that mine would more and more be in the Lord and not in my own strength.

Well we are just flying though some clouds about to land me thinks. We have been prepped that it is minus 3 which is making me cold just think about it. At least it will cool my sun tan.

Ok landing is iminant so I don’t really want to loose my iPhone as we break.

It’s been great.

I’m going to get this out whilst in the air. Yup there you go.

Landed now sorry.

Taking josh to the airport.

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Well I am sitting here at Jomo Kenyatta airport Nairobi waiting for josh to check in. Sadly they don’t allow people to go into the check in area so me and dad are sat outside in the cafe. Mum made it in as the man on the gate had mercy on us.

There is a strange sense of sadness the I always feel when at the this part if the airport as it’s either saying by to someone wheather that’s me leaving or saying by to fammilly members. I must say that it’s not always the case as there is often am much joy at the arrivals part.

I am impressed with all the amount of people that are comming and going it’s quite obvious that many are tourists. This is all really good for the ecconomy and if I was to invest in something it would probably be tourism in Kenya. I am in a way with my spots Kenya website and allmost wish I had sine flyers here to hand out as I am sure many of the people would add their spots of Kenya.

I just got a call from mum saying it’s chaos in the terminal which is not a good thing. If joshs flight is late then he will not catch hi train back to Millfield and then have to sleep at my friends house in ealing. It would just be a hug inconvenience as he has mock gcse exams starting tommorow.

Well I best go and see how I can help.

You can follow my Twitter and look at the twitpics in the side bar.

Ps this was all done on location using my iPhone with a Kenyan orange sim. It’s great to be connected when you want to be.

Bloggin whilst flying

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Well I am currently about thirty thousand feet above sea level cruising over south Italy. Incase you haven’t gathered I am flying In a Boeing 777 jet to nairobi Kenya on my way home to see my parrents and me bro josh.

I am sitting here waiting for two things one my food to come which is a bit late as we had some turbulances it was actually rather scary and I must admit a small thought crossed my mind in the vein of what I would do.

Well the food is almost here. The little trolly is parked up in front of me and I am thinking what I would like beef or chicken? What would you choose?

I am going to pause this post here while I eat my food and watch hancock. Just finished watching wanted and was not to impressed to be honest. Well that’s slightly loss worded it was quite impressive but I just didn’t agree with the spiritual post modern ethic that was woven into the script. I know we are meant to suspend our disbelief with cinema but when your belief contradicts with the moral structure of the narative then one can only think to him self… Why am I watching this. It’s just so easy to fill our selves with junk and what ever is pure what ever is lovely….. These are the kinds of things that we are meant to fill ourselves with. ( I’ll referece that when I can get to my bible.)

Hancock was a bit better and had a more possitive meaninig but just didn’t really think much of the plot. Some satisfying twists and cool effects though. Very arristotelian.

Oh yeah the food was good salmon but the sauce was a bit runny and could have had more flavour.

I have had a great chat to the lady next me called EVA was cool chatting about UNI life and just random things like movies. It’s always do great to talk to people on a plane as it’s always a bit awekward when you go throughout a whole flight without even saying hello. We were wondering how easy it would be to fake ones identity and pretend that you are a spy or somethin. I think it would be quite hard to sustain what do others think?

Well it’s time to try and get some sleep ad Its about 12:33 Uk time and my body is telling me to sleep.

I expect I’ll be back soon.

Well it was a good flight but am pretty tired now and about to have a nap at home.

Do you enjoy flying?

My first iphone blog post

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Well here we have me posting my first blog post on my iPhone
I have just installed the wordpress app and it is working a treat
I am just getting used to the keypad it’s very clever as it has a predictive text function that sorts out words that are Misspelt
Ihave everything that one can think of from music to email to msn it’s going to keep me up to date with every one

so pleas can any advise on some cool and fun apps ??
I have Twitter one last fm wordpress msn

Any way night all and let me know bout cool things you can do?