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Rough Red Roads

By LandscapeOne Comment

There is a great shortcut to Diani along Mombassa road and if you take a right near Samburu and then go through Shimba Hills you will get down near Tiwi beach. Anyway this was taken enroute. It is a stunning drive and the roads are pretty good to be honest.

Snow in a Bath Prep School: Monkton

By Landscape5 Comments

It is Jolly Cold here in the UK and it was quite a shot coming back from Kenya but I must say it is absolutely beautiful.

This is a minimalistic approach to the snow adding a different tint to things to make it a bit different from your average snow shot. Do you like the Tint?

Rift Valley Technature

By Landscape, Nature129 Comments

I think this is a great example of how technologie and nature coincide together in extreme conditions. These Power pylons are dropping over 4000 feet and still manage to bring the power to where it is needed.

On a photographic note it was the way the power lines vanish into the valley that really caught my attention.

I also really enjoyed editting this photo in Entebe airport it took me about 40 mins to get the right tones to the sky. If you are interested in how I did then do let me know and ill be happy to let you in my secrets.