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Rift Valley Technature

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I think this is a great example of how technologie and nature coincide together in extreme conditions. These Power pylons are dropping over 4000 feet and still manage to bring the power to where it is needed.

On a photographic note it was the way the power lines vanish into the valley that really caught my attention.

I also really enjoyed editting this photo in Entebe airport it took me about 40 mins to get the right tones to the sky. If you are interested in how I did then do let me know and ill be happy to let you in my secrets.

Heathrow’s Hanging Eggs

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The new roof at Heathrow terminal 4 looks like it has a bunch of eggs hanging from it. I really like the new terminal don’t get me wrong. Its such a clever way of filling the headspace of the grand foyer.

As far as the picture is concerned it is not as experimental as my previous shots when you take into account the processing. However in many ways it is as due to the interesting framing I chose.

What do people think of the framing and the way that the background is in focus rather than the hanging “eggs”.

New Abstract Heathrow Terminal 4

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This Photo has the most amazing resolution when you blow it up  it could do up to a A1 printing as it was taking on my new 5d Mkii which is pretty awesome.

The new design in Heathrow T4 is pretty cool and has made such a big difference from the old dingy low roofed layout. It has such a nice foyer outside that I even decided to hang about at Nero waiting to catch my flight back to Nairobi.