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Forest Walk – Bath Skyline Walk

By Nature129 Comments

This was taken on a beautiful morning walk into work one day it was truly marvelous. Gods creation is splendid.

I had to make sure that it was correctly framed but the slanted trees put me off a bit.

It seems like the sun is finally breaking through the clouds and we may have some good weather here in the UK. Praise God.


A spot of golf – Mt Kenya

By b&w18 Comments

After what has been a challenging yet rewarding PGCE Year I am back with my photography. Its so good to have it done and be able to get a bit of my life back. I did really well and had some good results.

I do hope you enjoy this one from Kenya taken at the Nanyuki Golf Club.

Is it too dark?

Sitting in Nairobi traffic!

By Arty127 Comments

Traffic in Nairobi can be terrible..

This photo was on the way to the Nairobi train station. We sat in the same spot for ab out 45 minutes so decided enough is enough made our way though Nairobi city so that we didn’t miss our train. It took 45 mins and was exhausting as We had loads of luggage. But thankfully at 6:30 PM we arrived and hopped on the train ready for a super journey down to Mombasa.