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Timothy West’s Graduation

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I have officially gradtuated and it was really great to finalize 3 years of hard work. What was even better was finding out that my parrents could attend only 3 days before so it was so special to have them there.

It was a lovely ceremony and I really enjoyed all the finery and outfits as it made you feel rather special.

Me and my parents went out for a nice lunch at the Royal Bath Hotel and that was really nice and relaxing.

All in all it was fantastic and I can only thank God for the great time I had in Bournemouth as well as all the people that helped me through.

Westbourne Shopping Hall #1

By Architecture, BuildingsOne Comment

This begins a series of photos that was taken in Westbourne Bournemouth UK. It was a nice crisp early morning and there was no one around. So i ceased the opportunity to capture this Shopping hall that was completely empty.

As it is a rather old part of Bournemouth I thought it would be nice to sepia tone it so as to add to the old feeling.

I did this when i didn’t have photoshop. Picasa did a great job at toning it and as the image was good it did not need much post processing.

Fisherman’s Walk | Bournemouth

By Seaside134 Comments

This is a picture one evening as the sun was setting and its not particularly spectacular but i just wanted to show that a boring rather drab looking photo can be cropped and enhanced to make it look like this one. 

Its just a walming filter with a acented edges filter on that all really. 

Does any one want to see the original?