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Warehouse Docks at Poole Quay | by night

By light, Seaside4 Comments

This photo was taken at Poole quay… with a good friend of mine Luke Baker a talented graphics artist.. he is doing a graphics illustration project on the quay so we popped down for a spot of photography…

Im pretty sure this is one of mine.. as we shared my camera.. but if not sorry luke…

If you ask luke i kept baning on about the light on the water as it looked so nice… but thing was it is not that applicable to a illustrative piece of work that needs more definitions..

i like it as i have stylise the warehouse with a water colour brush and then mad sure things are perfect toward the bottom of the image… this makes a nice contrast from where the light is coming from to clear light reflected in the water..

what’s the verdict to peopels.. like it…

Little Wasini Island Boy | Kenya

By Candid, Portrait, Seaside40 Comments

Thus was a litle boy that i thought was pretty sweet playing on the old boats

This was a litle boy that i thought was pretty sweet playing on the old boats. I visisted Wasini Island, one of the last islands before you arrive in Tanzanean waters. As we were all leaving the island after having a lovely seafood meal this boy was watching all the tourists leave… Its such a wierd contrast as he lives there and its his home but for us visting is was a tourist atraction. Its quite powerfull as there is a sense of pain or anger in his eyes… What can we do about it?

Beach Portrait | Brendon Mitchell

By Portrait, SeasideOne Comment

A budding young Singer Song writer Brendon Mitchell was the them of this image if you want to know more then please look at his my space

Brendle asked me to take some pictures of him for a new site he wants to make so i did and there will be more to come but for now just enjoy this one and.