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Relaxing in Kenya | Diani | Blog Tweets

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I am just taking some time to chilout in kenya at home. Its lovely to be back again and i cant wait to get down to the coast. I have 4 Kites and 2 boards sitting here begging to get onto some water. It should be really great to get some kiting done down at the coast but i am not sure if my 12 meter will be big enough for the slightly lower winds of kenya.

We plan to stay at either Diani Beachalets as its pretty budget and cheap but near the beach and really great if you are not looking for a posh place… the other place the we want to go to is to Diani Marine this is nicer but obviously more pricey.

FamilyChilling on the beach

I just want to say sorry about all the tweet tweets as i realised that there is no point putting them as daily blog digests as they are on the side bar…. but it was handy as i have been so busy at inskin media but it did kindof take away from some other more interesting blog posts… so if you you want to follow my tweets then look me up on twitter ( ). I cant say how much i think twitter is an awesome internet application… please all my mates get on it and follow me…

Kitesurfing | Kite Jumping | UK Hengistbury Head

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Me and my mate luke whent for a spot of kitesurfing but it was a tad bit windy to be frank and gusty as well as me not being aqaunted with this old Wipika Kite I rescued by fishemans walk. It was jolly fun and rather scary at times as i have not flown this type of old kite that was like being tied to the back of a lorry when it powered up.

Next time i will have to actually go out onto the water and try them out just it was a bit wavey for me and i had never flown this old kite before…

I cant wait to get a new bow kite so if any one else knows of a good deal then please say…

please say what you think of the jumps….

The last week and the one to come…

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Well i have had a really great with my bro. He was on his halfterm from school. I went down to get him from Street Somerset Last friday… it was really busy as it was Bank Holiday weekend… I just got back from dropping him back which was a much better trip only took about one hour and twenty minutes. We had a really great time talking about leadership and just issues at school and we were able to bounce thoughts of each other. Its really weird as the things that he is going through are so similar to my own boarding experience at Monkton, Bath, UK. The main thing we were able to talk about was the Deadly Viper moto Radical Integrity and Radical Grace. Thing is he is in a year that is quite volatile the 4th year sorta suspended in the middle of the lower end of the school makes it hard and quite a difficult year. I think the thing is to have a consistent character that does not waver with the the tide of boarding life. It easy to get annoyed with fellow lads or mates as there is always going to be a sense of one up man ship and competitiveness at that age. 

We were able to do some fun things together like se the the new Indiana Jones movie. I didn’t really enjoy it but i enjoyed the whole cinematic experience down at Bournemouth’s Odeon. We also went to the beach a few times and played frisbe with Dan. We tried to go kitesurfing but the weather was a bit strong and rough for my 17 metre.

This next week is all about getting my work placement sorted out and really pushing for a good one. I really want to work with Campbell Rowley a photographic design agency as they seem really top of their field and like really great people. I just hope they give me an interview so that i can really sell myself and show how keen i am.  I think its so important to get to talk and meet with people face to face to that you can really show and tell them what you are all about.