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Ringwood Forest Photo Series Black and White Theme

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I have just come to the end of a photo series of Ringwood Forest over on my photoblog.

Please take a look on Photonoy for the true experience.

Its a series of 6 photos that i took whilst on a shoot for a uni project. They are all black and white and display a range of was to take photos in a forest and then how you can using different post production techniques to enhance and create a mood and feeling.

Below are a few thumbnails of the images… these can be viewed in a pop up lightbox gallery but do visit Photonomy for the real deal.

Please do check the out and leave lots of comments… its been a while since a had some…


Ringwood Forest Series #3

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The first thing that sprang to mind for this one was a nuclear aftermath. It looks like some of the trees have been flattened or also like the trees that have been flattened after St Helens Exploded.

Again this is solarised and intentionally quite sinister and dark looking.

Is it too strong or grey??

Ringwood Forest Series #2

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Here is number two in the series sorry that it was not posted yesterday… Was very busy…

Its got quite a sinister feeling to it and its basically been solarized by the photoshop filter looks like it could be out of a horror movie…

I like the contrast between dark trees and the light ground… the original.. was quite dark and this was another take on the forest.