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Colourful Wood Wall

By Arty, texture, Toned5 Comments


The lovely thing about when you go to a farm is that there are some really cool textures. This is of a barn door that has some lovely detail to it.My phase of interesting toning continues as I think it is really effective who agrees?

Rustic Beach Art

By texture, Toned126 Comments


I am quite enjoying toning things at the moment and experimenting with new filtering techniques in photoshop. I was quite hapy with the result of this and cant wait to print this on A3.

Thoughts on the toning would be great?

Giraffes Colonial Kenya

By Toned130 Comments


Well this is an epic post as it marks the return to the photoblogs sphere. I have been having to focus all my time on my degree BA Hons Interactive Media Production. It has gone really well and I can’t wait for the results Spots Kenya was my main Major and i also wrote a Dissertation looking into the aspects of online participation particularly the active and non active aspects of participatory online media. I want to publicly thank all those that have been a great help and inspiration throughout the completion of my uni degree. With particular thanks to…

Mik Parsons, Claudia Vieira, Joe Flintham and Marian Mayer.

This image is a bit of a trial photo really as I am just getting back into the way of new processing techniques and I thought that this was a good start.

Please let me know what you think of the overall strength of the image and if the proccessing lets it down.

Westbourne Shopping Hall #3

By Architecture, Toned7 Comments

I must say that this is my favorite of the whole series.The detail of all the beams and steel girders just make such an interesting mix of shapes and lines.

I toned it blue with a layer effect and a wee bit of gausian blur on one layer.

Thoughts on this series would be mucho apreciato….

Kenyan Flower Series #4

By flowers, TonedNo Comments

This was a simple colour tone on a black and white images using the select color range tool…

I tried to keep the pink subtle and not to strong.. it has created a nice airbrish feeling but i amĀ  not sure if it works too wel as the green did look nice… ??


Ringwood Forest Series #3

By Landscape, Nature, Toned129 Comments

The first thing that sprang to mind for this one was a nuclear aftermath. It looks like some of the trees have been flattened or also like the trees that have been flattened after St Helens Exploded.

Again this is solarised and intentionally quite sinister and dark looking.

Is it too strong or grey??

Jomo Kenyatta Airport Inside Baggage Reclaim.

By Toned2 Comments
Jomo Kenyata Airport from the inside

Jomo Kenyata Airport from the inside

I took this one when i landed in nairobi a few months ago… it was nice as there wasnt too many people yet. Apparently it is not allowed but i think i managed to get away with it…

I quite like teh perspective effect especialy the way the lights go of into the distance.. I thought the dark brown toned effect worked well with this one as its is quite old fashioned and 80’s looking in there..