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March 2009

Poor photocopier

By Arty, texture12 Comments


Poor photocopier yes indeed.. we smashed this thing up as it need to be thrown in the skip and it was jolly fun. I couldn’t resist the photo opportunity with all the toner ink splattered around it..

I went for a very rustic and textured process here.

Sorry once again for my absence my Uni dissertation is taking up a great deal of time… Hope you like this though i have mad a special effort to get it out as i not posted for a while.

Boycosta frenzie

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Well it has been an interesting few days for most Bournemouth University students. Why you may ask? Well on the 12th of march I received and email to my university email address. The email was basically about Boycotting costa coffee on campus as they charge too much for coffee..  Read it here

It has now escalated to over 66 emails that have been replied to as people have clicked the reply to all function and it has then emailed their reply to almost 17,000 students. Its just amazing that more people haven’t hijacked it for there own good and to promote other things. The most annoying thing is those who have replied to all  with one liners saying please don’t email me this!!

This is one quote from a twitter use that i thought was really good..

good to see that students propensity for revolution is still alive and well.. from this to this (

It is true as it seems to be the closet thing to student revolts that i have seen in my time here and thankfully not as violent as the some of the student protest that took place..

I personally think that yes it is too expensive to buy a cup of coffe at costa on our campus… currently at £2 for  medium cappuccino. Other things like baguettes are around the £2.75 mark and is allot for a tiny little roll…

I just dont understand why the uni cant have their own student union coffee shops that sell coffee around campus in place of i believe 4 points of sale on the Talbot campus…at a cheaper price then use the profits that they do have to go back into the SU.

Obviously its not the workers fault as one email stated saying that they would protest at 10 AM tomorrow. This needs to be taken to the Chancellor and Vice Chancellor and to COSTA direct.

The best way would be for people to just not buy from COSTA at all but this is all very well as people will if its there.

The sad thing is that once these emails fizzle out and people get on with there other things COSTA will probably remain and maybe they will bring the prices down. I would hope that the Uni do make a statement about it and do address it.

heres the youtube video that has been circulated.

and heres the facebook group…

Facebook survey results coming soon!

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If you filled out the facebook survey then this is where i will put the results once i have anough to display i would like 100 but i only have  about 40 at the moment.

So spread the word and we will get there…

Infact ill release some results at 50


Facebook can’t handle me!

By facebook, whyNOTparticipate128 Comments

I have been trying to spread the word on facebook about a questionnaire that i am doing for my dissertation

please do it……

This is what i get…. from them in return

I also then got this email…

We have detected suspicious activity on your Facebook account and have reset your password as a security precaution. It is possible that malicious software was downloaded to your computer or that your password was stolen by a phishing website designed to look like Facebook. Please carefully follow the steps provided:

Tims take on Boscombe pier

By Uncategorized18 Comments


Well this is one of my takes on Boscombe Pier for those who follow my photoblog here in Bournemouth what is yours?

It slightly different I know but i thought of trying a new style of processing and layer filters. Do you notice anything strange?

Just in case you were wondering why I have not been putting so much up recently is because I am currently in the middle of writing my dissertation for my university course and need to really focus and sadly this does take up a bit of time what with commenting on all your wonderful photos. So please forgive me and know that i do really appreciate your comments and will try my best to comment back.