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Sitting in Nairobi traffic!

By Arty127 Comments

Traffic in Nairobi can be terrible..

This photo was on the way to the Nairobi train station. We sat in the same spot for ab out 45 minutes so decided enough is enough made our way though Nairobi city so that we didn’t miss our train. It took 45 mins and was exhausting as We had loads of luggage. But thankfully at 6:30 PM we arrived and hopped on the train ready for a super journey down to Mombasa.

Colourful Wood Wall

By Arty, texture, Toned5 Comments


The lovely thing about when you go to a farm is that there are some really cool textures. This is of a barn door that has some lovely detail to it.My phase of interesting toning continues as I think it is really effective who agrees?

Poor photocopier

By Arty, texture12 Comments


Poor photocopier yes indeed.. we smashed this thing up as it need to be thrown in the skip and it was jolly fun. I couldn’t resist the photo opportunity with all the toner ink splattered around it..

I went for a very rustic and textured process here.

Sorry once again for my absence my Uni dissertation is taking up a great deal of time… Hope you like this though i have mad a special effort to get it out as i not posted for a while.

Disco Lights

By Arty6 Comments


A close up of some disco lights that were really cool when blurred… i added the grain into it to just soften things up a little.

Its quite experemental i know but let me know what you think?

Blue Kitengela trumpets of wax

By Arty8 Comments

A simple yet interesting shot of the bottom of some Kitengela glass from Kenya with a cool effect to make it look like it is wax..Do you like the effect or not?

This btw is my first post with the new WP 2.7 using the QuickPress function. Woop Woop

Petri Dish Montage

By Arty13 Comments

This was a series of shots i took for my A-level photography project… it was some ink dissolving in a Petri dish and was just really interesting…

i could release the individuals as a quite series if people request… if not which one is your favorite??