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A Chap in Canterbury Cathedral

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I quite liked the lighting of this photo but on the other hand it does capture a classic moment of tourism. The phone looking thing has a interactive guided tour sound track that allows you to listen in several different languages.

Is there anything special about this Image?

Advertising in Jomo Kenyatta Airport… a photographers take..

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This photo was taken on the entry into Jomo Kenyatta International airport as you walk down towards the Immigration desks..

I liked the original perspective of this image but i later realised that the light that was coming of the adverts on the side were beautiful…

i have just used the curves to pull out this light and then tone down the rest of the backgrounds… i also added a layer effect multiply to be exact and a little gaussian blurr..

do people like it or is it too dark…

one fore thing i had to crop it down as it had allot of useless space above and below it..

Little Wasini Island Boy | Kenya

By Candid, Portrait, Seaside40 Comments

Thus was a litle boy that i thought was pretty sweet playing on the old boats

This was a litle boy that i thought was pretty sweet playing on the old boats. I visisted Wasini Island, one of the last islands before you arrive in Tanzanean waters. As we were all leaving the island after having a lovely seafood meal this boy was watching all the tourists leave… Its such a wierd contrast as he lives there and its his home but for us visting is was a tourist atraction. Its quite powerfull as there is a sense of pain or anger in his eyes… What can we do about it?