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Artcaffe Nairobi Personal Review | Trendy cafe Nairobi Art Cafe

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As i write this i am sitting in the new hip trendy artcafe in nairobi… I am on the internet for 2 KES a minute and have just finished my tasty De-caffe Mochanino. It was rather good… a bit sweet so i asked for a litle bit of frothed milk and that made it perfect…
Me in artcaffe

Its really trendy in here and the d├ęcor is on par with European standards. It is situated in

the Westgate shopping mall and has been going for 8 months now…. the things that makes it is the flooring and the simple design of the lighting and cream colours…

Art Caffe Floor
Art Caffe Nairobi Inside

The staff are friendly and the service is pretty good but I doo feel that it a bit of an over kill with more than 15 people on the floor at one point.. i think that if they had some serious training and concentrated on fewer then that might raise the standards. I would be happy working here it must be one of the trendiest jobs in the country..

Art Cafe Lights

Art Caffe Video Inside

Tim In Artcaffe

Well all in all its really great and i have enjoyed my hour here…. i must dash as im going up to NU Metre to see a film (Cinema) Also my internet is running out in a few mins and i want to make sure all of you get this…