Artcaffe Nairobi Personal Review | Trendy cafe Nairobi Art Cafe

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As i write this i am sitting in the new hip trendy artcafe in nairobi… I am on the internet for 2 KES a minute and have just finished my tasty De-caffe Mochanino. It was rather good… a bit sweet so i asked for a litle bit of frothed milk and that made it perfect…
Me in artcaffe

Its really trendy in here and the décor is on par with European standards. It is situated in

the Westgate shopping mall and has been going for 8 months now…. the things that makes it is the flooring and the simple design of the lighting and cream colours…

Art Caffe Floor
Art Caffe Nairobi Inside

The staff are friendly and the service is pretty good but I doo feel that it a bit of an over kill with more than 15 people on the floor at one point.. i think that if they had some serious training and concentrated on fewer then that might raise the standards. I would be happy working here it must be one of the trendiest jobs in the country..

Art Cafe Lights

Art Caffe Video Inside

Tim In Artcaffe

Well all in all its really great and i have enjoyed my hour here…. i must dash as im going up to NU Metre to see a film (Cinema) Also my internet is running out in a few mins and i want to make sure all of you get this…

Series Of Moon Light Photographs of the Indian Ocean

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Please view the finals of this page on PHOTONOMY

Here we have a series of moon light images of the Indian ocean.. These were taken on the full moon period and have come out quite nicely…

  1. Firstly i have cropped the images down so that they framed the horizon better using the rule of thirds.
  2. Secondly i have used the New Adjustment Layer feature to make layers that can be changed these include the black and white feature and the levels and the photo filter effect. They have to be layered in such a way that allows the photo filter to take effect look at this layers tab if you want to try..
Picture 2.png
  • Also note that i have used the unsharp mask which ads more details to digital pictures and allows a more crisper image. The reduce noise was applied to the top as it was quite grainy due to the High ISO rating..
  • Here are the original images so that you can see where i go them from… Note here is the Meta DATA
Picture 3.png

Pleas also note that you can click on the images and they will pop up in light-box, a nice full size preview..

  1. First Edit Of the above with a WARMING filter on the image below.. these images look even better when original and full resolution… i admit that their is too much noise..
2.  Below is a sepia toned one that is more subtle.. which do people prefer



3.  Here below we have a blue moon lit one that is quite strong also


New Style below like looking through a telescope with strong vignetting

I feel that i like the one below the best as it is simple and more appealing to the eye.. simple black and white effect here..

This one is to create the effect of the sun setting with a strong warming filter.


Again another strong blue moonlit filter.


So all in all that was a few that i have edited up… they are not the most conventional images and not the most safe either, as far as styles i think that i may have over done it a bit but the psds are still there and actually look much better than these but i have got his far so i might as well post this.. Dont get me wrong i do like these but i just wanted a challenge and this is what i came out with..
So please comment and tell me what you think… and dont forget to check out the photo blog…
oops i almost for got this one… a first time edit.


Guilt and Christianity | Getting caught up | Becoming immobilized

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I just read a great post by Pete from a Pastor.

pleas read it first its only short… HERE

it is related to the main article found here by Relevant magazine.. HERE

My comment on the post is this

Gosh there are allot of posts so ill keep mine short…

I think that as a Christian we should focusing much more on the things mentioned…
we should be driven to lives of holiness by passion—passion for God, passion for the lost, passion for the Gospel, passion for each other.

i think we get seriously caught up on what we are doing wrong and what we have to fix rather than striving to more like Christ…

hence we can end up getting caught up in a downward spiral of depression and guilt that it actually stops us doing what is right and what God has planed for use hence we can become immobilized and actually end up not doing anything at all..

please check out my blog..

It was really interesting as i was talking about this with a friend about an hour ago and now this post pops up in my reader and is exactly the same thing… God must have been involved on that one…

do let me know if anyone can relate to this or just comment on Petes blog but it would be nice to see some comments..

Kitsurfing in Diani, Kenya.

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It was really blowing so we rigged up eh boards and kites and headed down to the beach.. josh was really excited and so was i…. We both wanted to get going so we got in a bit of a cafufle over who should launch who any way i won so i got going straight away.. I realised that my 17.5 was just a bit big for the conditions so mum ran up and got my new 12 metre flexi atom 08… thanks mum…

The new flexi was really great so smooth and easy to use…  also good and easy hangtime… i couldnt believe the ease of use compared to my 17.5 machine. The bar pressure was also so light compared…

I kited until it was dark and it was so cool just cruising on the flat water whilst the sun went down…

Lets hope the wind pics up today as its been raining a bit…

Kitesurfing | Kite Jumping | UK Hengistbury Head

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Me and my mate luke whent for a spot of kitesurfing but it was a tad bit windy to be frank and gusty as well as me not being aqaunted with this old Wipika Kite I rescued by fishemans walk. It was jolly fun and rather scary at times as i have not flown this type of old kite that was like being tied to the back of a lorry when it powered up.

Next time i will have to actually go out onto the water and try them out just it was a bit wavey for me and i had never flown this old kite before…

I cant wait to get a new bow kite so if any one else knows of a good deal then please say…

please say what you think of the jumps….

What is the plan for my future with the grand scheme of things…

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This blog post is a follow on from a comment on Anne Jacksons Blog

Wow that is very humbling and inspiring as i am 21 at the moment and about to finish Uni. Thankfully i am not in any dept through the fees and costs but in a years time i am going to be out in the big bad world with a Good degree under my belt and some potentually good jobs up in London or Anywhere even. Just if i take a stop and think what am I supposed to do with my life that is where I get stoped dead in my tracks I mean i could make lots of money and even end up running my own company with the sole aim for “Profit and Gain” 

Thing is i dont want my drive and ambition to be in Money and Personal gain.  I want to be able to give something back that will be eternally lasting and worthwhile. My mate Keith Mason and i were recently talking about this… I think this comes about when our perspective goes from being a taker and consumer to a Giver and Maker and though this the focus is not so much what i can get out this bit of work but what it can do to help other people in one way or another. 

I do feel that there are many different areas that i would like to go into but i do think that i want to Help my parrents with the work that they are doing in Africa. take a look at . Its for me more about fulfilling the great commission that Christ has place on each and every person. 

The great commission is very simple it is about spreading the Good News of Christ.

Matthew 28:16-20

The Great Commission

 16Then the eleven disciples went to Galilee, to the mountain where Jesus had told them to go. 17When they saw him, they worshiped him; but some doubted. 18Then Jesus came to them and said, “All authority in heaven and on earth has been given to me. 19Therefore go and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in[a] the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, 20and teaching them to obey everything I have commanded you. And surely I am with you always, to the very end of the age.”

The good news of Christ is that he gave his only son to die on the cross for our sins so that if we believe in him we would have eternal life… 

John 3:16 16“For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son,[a] that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life.

I know that i have digressed but what i am trying to say is that for me, Anne and many others, there is more to life than just making lots of money, taxes and death. There is something that is eternal and it is that future hope that i look forward to and I would encourage everyone who reads this to really think about.

Do people think that you go down a career path that can make a ton of money but not get caught up in the system and ultimately fail to help people???

The last week and the one to come…

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Well i have had a really great with my bro. He was on his halfterm from school. I went down to get him from Street Somerset Last friday… it was really busy as it was Bank Holiday weekend… I just got back from dropping him back which was a much better trip only took about one hour and twenty minutes. We had a really great time talking about leadership and just issues at school and we were able to bounce thoughts of each other. Its really weird as the things that he is going through are so similar to my own boarding experience at Monkton, Bath, UK. The main thing we were able to talk about was the Deadly Viper moto Radical Integrity and Radical Grace. Thing is he is in a year that is quite volatile the 4th year sorta suspended in the middle of the lower end of the school makes it hard and quite a difficult year. I think the thing is to have a consistent character that does not waver with the the tide of boarding life. It easy to get annoyed with fellow lads or mates as there is always going to be a sense of one up man ship and competitiveness at that age. 

We were able to do some fun things together like se the the new Indiana Jones movie. I didn’t really enjoy it but i enjoyed the whole cinematic experience down at Bournemouth’s Odeon. We also went to the beach a few times and played frisbe with Dan. We tried to go kitesurfing but the weather was a bit strong and rough for my 17 metre.

This next week is all about getting my work placement sorted out and really pushing for a good one. I really want to work with Campbell Rowley a photographic design agency as they seem really top of their field and like really great people. I just hope they give me an interview so that i can really sell myself and show how keen i am.  I think its so important to get to talk and meet with people face to face to that you can really show and tell them what you are all about. 



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I think that it is really important to be honest and use integrity when working on a project and with people. 

The bible talks in Leviticus about how we should be honest in simple things like weighing and measuring out things c 19 v 35-37. I sometimes get so annoyed when you see people share out things differently because they may have some pre-conceived ideas about them or may not like them. I am guilty of this as sometime when i am serving chips at my youth-club i give more to kids i like and less to the one that give me a hard time. I would say that that is a very easy-thing to do but actually we should be fair and equal in how we steward ours and others resources. Another example was when my house mate asked my to pay for the delivery of a car and he said he would reimburse me £35 as that is what he was quoted  but when it actually came to it it was £30 and it would have been so easy for me to make a quick fiver but if i had that would have been effectively stealing from him or conning him. 

I have also been challenged in what i tell people i am capable of when it comes to web design skills as it is very easy to churn out some fancy jargon but until i am actually able to produce that and put it into practice all that makes me is a liar.

This is a helpful scripture describing what i have discussed above:

Zechariah 8:16-17 (New Living Translation)

16 But this is what you must do: Tell the truth to each other. Render verdicts in your courts that are just and that lead to peace. 17 Don’t scheme against each other. Stop your love of telling lies that you swear are the truth. I hate all these things, says the Lord.”

I don’t want to blow my own trumpet as it is definitely not the best sounding but i am working on keeping things honest and by using integrity i think people with be able to trust you more in the future. Every one says that that world of say business is a shrew cut throat industry but i guaranty you that if every one dealt in this manner there wouldn’t be all the problems or recessions and rising and falling economies. Please don’t let that comment sound like i am against these industries as i am not. 

Please let me know what you think on this matter.