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Forest Walk – Bath Skyline Walk

By Nature129 Comments

This was taken on a beautiful morning walk into work one day it was truly marvelous. Gods creation is splendid.

I had to make sure that it was correctly framed but the slanted trees put me off a bit.

It seems like the sun is finally breaking through the clouds and we may have some good weather here in the UK. Praise God.


Snow in a Bath Prep School: Monkton

By Landscape5 Comments

It is Jolly Cold here in the UK and it was quite a shot coming back from Kenya but I must say it is absolutely beautiful.

This is a minimalistic approach to the snow adding a different tint to things to make it a bit different from your average snow shot. Do you like the Tint?

Stones of bath

By Depth of fieldOne Comment


This the first shot that I have published with my new Canon 5D Mkii and 24-105MM L lens. It is so so cool I cant wait to show you all the other ones that I took. This is just a cool one to show the DOF and Rich tones.

The lads!

By black and white, Stylized5 Comments

This image was quite a tough one to choose as the original image quality was pretty poor and not that appealing.

It was rather tough to choose whether to put this photo up but after a bit of of messing with the halftone pattern photoshop filter. The contrast has been boosted quite a bit.

Its come out heavilly stylised but has created quite a gangsta looking image.

What says you everyone could it be more balanced.