Sinister seascape

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This photo is one that I think you will either love or hate! What can be commonly referred to as the Marmite theory. It has some interesting deep tones to it that make it feel quite sinister but at the same time quite luring. Its the kind of image that would go well with a strong cup of coffee and a double chocolate chip bens cookie!

It was taken on Diani beach Kenya which is certainly not a sinister place – In fact it is one of my favorite places in the world. I have just got back from the most amazing week long holiday which was such a blessing and a great break.

I will be posting up more uplifting images in the next few days but please enjoy the “depth” of Sinister Seascape and if you like it please share it or leave a comment. Thanks in advance.

Rift Valley Technature

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I think this is a great example of how technologie and nature coincide together in extreme conditions. These Power pylons are dropping over 4000 feet and still manage to bring the power to where it is needed.

On a photographic note it was the way the power lines vanish into the valley that really caught my attention.

I also really enjoyed editting this photo in Entebe airport it took me about 40 mins to get the right tones to the sky. If you are interested in how I did then do let me know and ill be happy to let you in my secrets.

Giraffes Colonial Kenya

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Well this is an epic post as it marks the return to the photoblogs sphere. I have been having to focus all my time on my degree BA Hons Interactive Media Production. It has gone really well and I can’t wait for the results Spots Kenya was my main Major and i also wrote a Dissertation looking into the aspects of online participation particularly the active and non active aspects of participatory online media. I want to publicly thank all those that have been a great help and inspiration throughout the completion of my uni degree. With particular thanks to…

Mik Parsons, Claudia Vieira, Joe Flintham and Marian Mayer.

This image is a bit of a trial photo really as I am just getting back into the way of new processing techniques and I thought that this was a good start.

Please let me know what you think of the overall strength of the image and if the proccessing lets it down.