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Poor photocopier

By Arty, texture12 Comments


Poor photocopier yes indeed.. we smashed this thing up as it need to be thrown in the skip and it was jolly fun. I couldn’t resist the photo opportunity with all the toner ink splattered around it..

I went for a very rustic and textured process here.

Sorry once again for my absence my Uni dissertation is taking up a great deal of time… Hope you like this though i have mad a special effort to get it out as i not posted for a while.

Barn door and coke

By texture8 Comments


Coke manages to get everywhere especialy in third world countries. I do like and enjoy coke but did you know that if a kenyan had the choice of buying a shoelace that he needed or a coke he or she would buy a coke. i cant quote that but i was told by someone that that was the case. I think the problem is that they do make a huge amount of money but i cant see the money being put back in. Maybe i am wrong but that is the case at least from the outside.

I liked the barn door as it had some subtle detail that was quite catching.. also the contrast to that of the Coke ad.

Beauty is not always clear. Which one.

By portraitsNo Comments

I have been working on a few images this evening from my holiday in diani. This is one image that many would maybe discard… but i figured i would give it a chance…
Here’s the original.. as i took it…. coming to look at it again i do actually like it how it is but i did some editing and tweaking…


Below is what i came up with first time round… its a desaturated with the hue changed to make it look more like moon light… there is also a layer blend going on here that makes it a bit softer..


After a wee bit i decided to go for a cropped down version of the images and then really wanted to make things look really pixelate and soft… the bottom one here is the one i have put on my photo blog…
I think that it works best as it compliments her physic a wee bit more…

Just a bit to harsh but the colours are nice…

So a few questions…. 1) which one do people like?? 2) what effect works best?? 3) who do you think it is??
Please take the time to comment… i would really appreciate it.