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Bloggin whilst flying

By 14/12/2008Me

Well I am currently about thirty thousand feet above sea level cruising over south Italy. Incase you haven’t gathered I am flying In a Boeing 777 jet to nairobi Kenya on my way home to see my parrents and me bro josh.

I am sitting here waiting for two things one my food to come which is a bit late as we had some turbulances it was actually rather scary and I must admit a small thought crossed my mind in the vein of what I would do.

Well the food is almost here. The little trolly is parked up in front of me and I am thinking what I would like beef or chicken? What would you choose?

I am going to pause this post here while I eat my food and watch hancock. Just finished watching wanted and was not to impressed to be honest. Well that’s slightly loss worded it was quite impressive but I just didn’t agree with the spiritual post modern ethic that was woven into the script. I know we are meant to suspend our disbelief with cinema but when your belief contradicts with the moral structure of the narative then one can only think to him self… Why am I watching this. It’s just so easy to fill our selves with junk and what ever is pure what ever is lovely….. These are the kinds of things that we are meant to fill ourselves with. ( I’ll referece that when I can get to my bible.)

Hancock was a bit better and had a more possitive meaninig but just didn’t really think much of the plot. Some satisfying twists and cool effects though. Very arristotelian.

Oh yeah the food was good salmon but the sauce was a bit runny and could have had more flavour.

I have had a great chat to the lady next me called EVA was cool chatting about UNI life and just random things like movies. It’s always do great to talk to people on a plane as it’s always a bit awekward when you go throughout a whole flight without even saying hello. We were wondering how easy it would be to fake ones identity and pretend that you are a spy or somethin. I think it would be quite hard to sustain what do others think?

Well it’s time to try and get some sleep ad Its about 12:33 Uk time and my body is telling me to sleep.

I expect I’ll be back soon.

Well it was a good flight but am pretty tired now and about to have a nap at home.

Do you enjoy flying?

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