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Joe Frazier a Legend Boxer

By 16/01/2009Me

I have just finished watching what was one the best documentaries i have ever seen. It was called Thilla in Manila on More4.

Joe Frazier takes British filmmaker, John Dower, back to the most hyped boxing match in history.

It was amazing to see the truth behind how brutal and racial ALI was against Joe and in my eyes it wasn’t just a hype before the game but actually something quite evil and sinister. I mean what can draw a man to be so harsh and un just towards another man.

Joe Frazier even helped out Ali when he lost his license and even gave him money.

Maybe the documentary was quite biased but I just cant see how Ali can be hailed such a great sportsman when he was so terrible to one of his components.

An in the final match between them i was hoping Joe would have one but sadly it was called off and Ali won by default.. It was interesting the shortly after that Ali collapsed and who knows but maybe he would have lost as Joe Frasier wanted to carry on. The problem was he couldn’t see as he had lost his sight in one eye and the other was closing up

Here’s a great video of Joe Frazier

The final interesting thing is how Ali is now so wealthy through selling posters and endorsements and Joe is living in the back room of his Gym that he owns in Philadelphia. It just shows how the media plays a huge part in the wealth of someone. But ultimately what has it lead to?

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