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InSkin Business Cards

By 05/07/2008InSkin, Placement

I have had the privalage of re-designing InSkin’s business cards. The orriginal front side was ok but the back side was not the best and needed improving.

So above is what they used to look like and below is just what I came up with….

Its a really simple design that i think works really well, the Black front also looks better and accentuates the logo and to really get the brand out there we kept the logo on the revers.

I wanted to really make the typography big and readable so i made sure that the names and titles were nice and Grand…

The font is consistant throughout allong with the colors.

I quite like the green dots on the i’s its a nice litle effect.

Please let me know your thoughts and if there are any improvements to be made as i am still waiting for all the details from each person who needs one.

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