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Spots Kenya Rough Design

By 03/02/2009Spots Kenya

Here we have a simple splash together of a design that i did in Illustrator. I have never used illustrator properly so this is one of my first times with it..

What i want to do is to keep things simple but quite artistic and quite textural…
I intend to use charcoal and pastels to draw up my textures and then scan them in and use them as the main borders and Header and footer sections

I am still working on the Spots Kenya Logo at the top likewise with the visual side of the paw prints..

I know its really rough but its just, as mark said, done from the eye. I will then tweak and make sure that it flows better in the css and web design part.

You can click on the link below to open it up in Light box


So if people could let me know if they like the design in general…

– if it will work in CSS?

– not a white background?

– Any other thoughts tips trick and crits??

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