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Soul Survivor 2009 Songs – Mike Pilavachi


And what a wonderful conference it was – 10 000 young people worshipping the Lord and hearing more about Jesus.

I wanted to put a list of songs that were played over the course of Week C so that people could find them online and listen to them. So here they are.

  • ‘Coming Back’ – Ben Cantelon
  • You Alone Can Rescue’ – Matt Redman
  • ‘Adoration’ – Brenton Brown
  • ‘Cannons’ – Phil Wickham
  • ‘He Loves Us’ – John Mark McMillan/Kim Walker (just the chorus of this though)
  • ‘Beautiful’ – Phil Wickham ( My Personal Favourite)
  • ‘Your Name High’ – Joel Houston – WOOOAHH WOOOAHH
  • ‘Jesus Saves’ – Tim Hughes
  • ‘Because of your Love’ – Al Gordon
  • ‘Not ashamed’ – Ben Cantelon
  • ‘Remain’ – Ben Cantelon

They also did a couple of older songs, namely ‘Amazing Grace’, ‘I love you Lord’ and ‘Isn’t he’ by John Wimber.

29th Chapter also did their thing on Because of Your Love, which was actually pretty good.

I have made a Soul Survivor 2009 SPOTIFY Playlist so please check it out if you want to listen to the songs NOW

Link to HERE >> Spotify Soul Survivor 2009 Playlist

So for those of you who can wait for the Soul Survivor 2009 Album in November then do check out some of these songs.

What was your favourite song of the week?

Almost forgot – Thank you  Mike and the whole team for all your inspiring words and work.

PS I have used posts from Worship Central to help me remember all the songs.

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