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EPS Seminar Week 9

By 02/11/2010EPS, PGCE, Seminars

What is required of us so far is

To create and fill in our reading log

To create and fill out our annotated bibliography

To complete our proposal question proforma

My Qustion to date is…

How effectively is the use of questioning in the classroom  being used to asses pupils understanding and progress in.

I want to look at different types of questions being asked in the classroom

I want to look at questioning techniques and which one work and dont.

I will be observing lessons and seing which ones are working well.

Lady in eps lecture who said she didn’t have time to go into it said she had a whole session of effective questioning

The lady Elizabeth barret hacking is the lady that will be marking my EPS and will be my contact in UNI

My professional tutor Anne will be my personal contact whilst in school and who i need to liase with Ideas.

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