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Year 8 Tutoring

By 21/05/2011PGCE, POT 3

Over the last year I have been placed with a year tutor group. I have been heavily involved with these tutors as they progress throughout the year. As already mentioned in earlier post I have been involved in academic review days to give them targets for school. I have also been able to attend a forest of dean trip with them that really helped me get to know the pupils better.

The main areas that I have been helping with over the last term have been taking tutorial times over the lunchtime period. 3 Times a week we have a session where we have to organize activities and tasks for them to do for 20 minutes.

Part of the rewards system in the house that this tutor group is in awards them with stars for various things. These stars can then be cashed in for various prizes. For example 40 stars will get you a new DVD

The various things we do with them are as follows.

  • Check and sign their contact books to see how they are progressing throughout the week. We award stars for contact books that are organized and set up for the following week.
  • Give out notices that are specific to them
  • Do equipment checks – stars are awarded having all the correct equipment in place
  • Do silent reading and homework
  • Run quizzes
  • Run healthy living and exercise sessions
  • Do personal one to one mentoring

Part of my duty was to organize tutor activities such as quizzes. So each week for the last week I have been compiling current affair quizzes for the tutees. Each table plays against each other. I then read out the questions and then ask them to swap tables to mark. They do enjoy this however more recently they have been so noisy whilst delivering the questions and answers I have had to warn them that I will not be doing them and they shall do silent reading instead.

Please see here for latest quiz >>

Picture of Quiz Results below.

Doing this tutoring has been vital experience for my professional development especially as I will be taking a tutor group in my next school.

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