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Year 8 Apprentice Finance Lesson.

By 26/05/2011PGCE, POT 3, Teaching

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What went well?

In this lesson pupils where given a good opportunity to practice their numeracy skills by using their research to fill in a finances spread sheet in Excel. They where able to practice doing formular such as sum functions and simple adding up formular they als learnt how to do percentage. This was all worked into a scafolded spreadsheet as the pupils where of a low ability.

Pupils learn the importance of creating finances and the reason why they do it. There where some good responses saying why they though so during times of questioning.

I was able to challenge the pupils by asking them to try an figure out certain formular without any guided teaching.

What could have been done better.

Some of the items on the spread sheet where not included in the list of items they could produce making it hard for them fill the spread sheet out completely

Some pupils needed to be encouraged to get a move on with their work and needed a few warnings given.

I could have made the introduction to the spreadsheet more interesting and engaging to grab the pupils attention.

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