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Last PGCE Seminar Ever

By 21/06/2011PGCE, SD - ICT, Seminars

This seminar we have been asked to think up a few different ideas on what is the best starter plenary and general lesson.

Its all over and it has been great to get to know the other people on the pgce and to share ideas.

I wonder if we wil keep in touch but i reckon we will always be able to call up each other and ask for ideas.

Cheers guys.


Chris Field

App Inventor

Starter with bitmap mario

Red yellow green

Star Logo

Simon West

Taboo for describing words of a program like flash.

Who wants to be a millionaire ppt


Use of videos embed them into ppt

Use of twitter responses to get feedback about the lesson you can do this on a excell spreadsheet

Use of spreadsheet mail merge to mark their coursework and give feedback directly to emails.

Graham Downer

Cool tools for school loads of ideas and tools for teaching

todays meet used for classroom thoughts or debates

Polleverywhere for doing pols with web responses

Flickbooks for flash

pencil for flash alternative

Format painter to select whole bunch of text.


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